Top Alternatives For Streaming Movies Like 123movies

123movies used to be one of the most visited websites in the entire world of streaming. But it has been shut down (no longer operating). However, after it ceased to exist, there reappeared numerous new 123movies sites coming and going. And most of 123movies sites are filled with ads & popups, which spoil the entire streaming experience. I have tried more than 100 best free movie streaming websites to give you the new 123 movies like sites that are working in 2024 to watch full movies online free or TV series in HD quality.

Therefore, I decided to come up with this list of the finest 123movies options that can be used in 2024. Before proceeding to below Movie Sites read and share our warning carefully all the free movie streaming site contains ads and pop ups. Some of them have even malware and these are also filtered in some countries. In fact, you often come across such pop up sometimes as you scroll through the website or click somewhere, new spam websites open up in the new tabs. As much as you may not notice some of these processes, there are some that always run on your pc/laptop.

Yes, these free movie sites as dangerous as they are depicted. You are at risk of finding yourself in a fix with a simple click of the button. Therefore, let me recommend that you watch your favorite movies from legal movie streaming sites or consider purchasing one of the best VPNs. Yes, premium VPN service offers you safe and advertisement-free browsing. I use NordVPN when browsing through the websites that offer free movies.

Here are the main steps in configuration of the secure and ad-free environment.

  • Start NordVPN (if you don’t have one read this guide here to create a NordVPN account). Then they have access to connect any server in any country in the world.
  • Choose Brave Browser for streaming purposes as it enhances the streaming and is not compulsory though.
  • When done visit the Adblock website and install the browser add-on (OFFICIAL LINK)

That you can use the below enlisted website like 123movies to watch movie & TV series in a clean environment. If any site insists on unistalling the Adblock extension to enable the viewing of certain contents, this is my message to you: close the site immediately and look for another equivalent one. And one more thing that is significant is never register on the free movie hosting services until you can be certain that it is legal. Let’s jump in.

Top 40 Plus Best Movie Sites Like 123movies That Work in 2024.

1. Tubi


Another site like 123movie that lets you watch thousands of monsters, movies and TV shows, and also Liv TV (250 Fast channels)free. Most popular legal streaming service with advertisement support for global movies and TV series in the United States. It is present on android, IOS, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Web, Sony Smart tv, Samsung smart tv, Amazon fire TV & Roku and Xfinity X1. It also comes with the personalization engine to get you the best stuff, in line with your preferences.

Due to it the consumers are provided a number of options such as genre list, most checked and last updated as well as collections (Black Cinema, Bollywood Dreams, Comin Con, Cult Classic, Gangster Films, etc). There are several multimedia applications in civilization V available here, and you can find them by going to the top of the page and clicking on the “Browse” category. It also provides a specific set of streaming channels for children, for instance, Netflix – currently, the largest streaming provider on the World Wide Web.

Tubi Kids gives you shows for Kids, Preschool, Toon TV, ‘Most Popular’ section, Anime, Winter Break ‘Top Picks for Kids’ and so much more. The tools bar within the video has options such as: Play in separate quality, full screen, forward 30sec, back 30sec. Updated to see the complete list of movies which are previously released and some of the most famous ones in High Definition of course.

If you want a website with new movies similar to 123movies try other websites in the list:

If you are interested in how100 in Google Page Speed Insights you can check it.



Flixrave. is the 123movies new site with many exciting features. It was easy to use and I enjoyed its design, this is because I like interface designs with graphics as opposed to plain text. They made finding easy: One is that they also have a filter feature, but it is better than simple filtering by tags. You will find it very easily located at the top, on the right hand side. It allows an option to select type, genre, country, year, rating, quality, options and recently. On the homepage, it has trending, recommend, the most, view, and latest links available on the website.

Yes, it is move down to another level by a single clicking of the Season and episode. However, thumbnails contain the information like IMDB rating, genre, country and more information when the cursor over it. If I am to discuss about a forte of this Social Media Website, they hold a ‘movie/TV show collection’ for everyone at Flixrave. Try this free 123movies extension now as it is very useful and will not make you disappointed.

3. Bmovies


BMovies, being a website similar to 123movies is among the most recommended free streaming websites that boast of hosting the largest collection of movies and Television series to date. It has a nearly same model of the main page as the website 123movies. The quality of movies in the videos produced is of high definition and the streaming is faster other than the 123movies alternatives, no lags. It is important to note that there are no restrictions concerning registered accounts or sign-ins before watching full-length movies online. It provides you with options on filters for movies and TV series to pick from. Coming from the main page, movies can be browsed based on genre, country, Top IMDB, and most-watched.

Nevertheless, they have a film for each fan, no matter which movie genre one likes and in which country people live. Movies Firefox extension gives all info concerning movies with just a mouse hover over the movie thumbnail and 3+ streaming servers to watch a movie online. In one line, BMovies is a great 123movies herb with multiple numbers of filter, well categorized, more than 3 soundtrack server, and many other mind blowing elements.

4. Cineb


This is a movie site, I came across recently. It is a website that can be used as a substitute of 123movies for those who want to watch the newly released movies in CAM quality without bothering with pop up section (Barbie, Oppenheimer, The Little Mermaid at the time of writing). Of course, there will always be an option to wait for something to be broadcasted in High-Definition broadcasting. Same as other listed 123movies websites registration is not mandatory at all like most of them do. The avatar on the top you will find three horizontal lines to the left of a player icon.

When you click on these three lines, you will get to have drop-down options such as Top IMDB, Movies, TV shows, Genre, and Country. In the home page, Cineb has the newly released movies while Top IMDB movies are featured on the side bar. To stream a movie, you have only 2 choices of streaming server available to you. This format makes it possible for you to switch to the other server in case one does not work effectively and continue enjoying your movie. In short, it is a free movie site like 123movies and needs lots of improvement: it can be more convenient, thumbnails can contain such information as the IMDB rating, year of release, and other useful data, while the main menu may be placed at the top to make it easily accessible.

5. GoMovies


Free watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies on website similar to 123movies without sign up for an account. This site is for all those who like movies and who want to receive a lot of appealing proposals every day. Since it provides an extensive range of movies and TV shows library in comparison to other platforms. The only advantage, it has it is that it contains the latest released collection.

To elaborate GoMovies’ provided categories, they can be categorized into genres, release, country, last added, movies, TV Series, top IMDB, and Top watched. It provides all the necessary details about the movie just with the help of a mouse pointer standing on a particular ‘thumbnail’ – a small picture representing a particular movie or a television show. This is one of the features that I found favorable, thumbnails have qualities of the video as either HD or CAM.

6. YesMovies


A neatly designed & packed streaming site with 5+ streaming servers to stream and download movies and TV series online in HD free without creating an account. The videos do not contain any commercial break but have several product placements. YesMovies also offers a collection of movies and TV series, where you can find all kinds of movies, starting from action, adventure, romance, crime, and so on. It also gets updated regularly with newly released movies and television series for it has a large collection. It has everything you would expect to find and I am confident that you will get what you are searching for. This has been a long time provider of streaming services whereas many streaming sites such as 123movies are fairly new. Avoid clicking on Stream in HD and Download in HD buttons, as they exist to deceive you.

This one has the IMDB movies list in the main menu bar, focusing on the top 20 selections. Here there is a plenty of countries where you can travel Asia, China, Europe, France, Korea and Japan among others. If you are in the mood of watching a certain country movie then you will jump to the country category and select a certain country to list down related movies. To play any movie, click on the images of that movie, then play and play again. Now it will take you to a new window ⦁Type close it, and go back to the old one and select the play option. Thus, your streaming of movies will begin and now you can watch your most prefered movie. The only thing I dislike about it is the popup which is displayed from time to time even when you have the Adblocker extension installed.

7. Amazon Prime (Paid)


Next, we can have Amazon Prime. However, it is not like 123movies though it is the best 123movies alternative that comes with special benefits. Be it for watching movies/series, listening songs, reading books and magazines, shopping and anything that you need, Amazon Prime can fulfill it all. One of its most outstanding features is the streaming quality. The interface is well-structured and free from any advertisements, as of the time of writing. Besides entertainment, you have a right to a free delivery service as soon as possible for tens of millions of products and several other privileges of Amazon Prime.

In this manner, you are cutting your costs on shopping while gaining an extensive collection of award-winning prime originals, famous movies and TV shows, as well as songs, with no advertisements at all. Once you have Amazon Prime you will hardly look for any other source for watching a movie, listening to songs, or reading books. Do not take my word simply give it a try with our 30-day free trial offer. After the trial subscription period has expired, it is $12 for every person. $9. 99/month, but you can cancel it at any time that you want.

8. MoviesJoy


The new streaming player in town is MoviesJoy that does not have any ads or pop-up interruptions. It opens a vast pool of movies and TV series links for streaming without requiring users to sign up for an account. Also, it continuously updates this new database with newly released movies from time to time. Therefore, it is easier to come across the specific movie that one is looking for out of the numerous ones available. It is not like 123movies but is a better website to the 123movies.

Or I have see it as a means of saving the life of those searching for free movie websites because most websites that contain movies have many commercials. Here you have 4+ servers watching the movie you want. All films are included with all their details like genres, IMDB rating, video quality, duration and so on. Besides all the options, there is enough information to look through to find the desired movie or a TV show.

9. M4uFree.TV


M4UFree. TV is really one of the oldest yet one of the most equipped free movie streaming sites similar to 123movies to watch TV series and movies online in HD. Specifically, there is no need to register an account with Autoremove to use the service. Here you can download movies from new release to old movies including video quality HD, CAM. What I like the most is the clean environment of this page if you use the recommended software such as NordVPN and the Brave Browser The most special feature that I found in this page is the advanced search bar.

It provides you with the filter option based on Genre, Year, Language and sort b Moreover, it has the option of New movies, New TV Series, 2023 Movies and Best Movies at one click. Options include the size of the video (1080p, 720p), the backward 10 sec button and the forward 10 sec button. In short, It is one of the best alternatives of 123movies to download and watch online free movies in HD without any signup and ads interruption.

10. 5movies (Known as UpMovies)


123movies was another great free movie site and the site has been running for years now. There are no attempts being made to force the users to create accounts on the website. The available categories are; Browse, genres, countries, years, anime, cartoons, Asian dramas, and TV series.

You will see some advertisements for a few seconds [in] the start of movie streaming. On its home page, there is the latest movies in Cinema, and movies and TV series, anime series, cartoon movies that have been added recently in the site and recently added Asian drama.

11. Netflix


Streaming has become very popular with platforms such as Netflix and it is among the most visited websites. So if you are a fan of watching TV series and willing to spend your money on it Netflix for you. Here you have the biggest collection of excellent TV series such as House of Cards, Vikings, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, etc. Aside from TV series, Netflix original programs, movies, documentaries, and anime are available from many categories. It is accessible in all countries and it offers 45 languages. Yes, be it wherever you are across the world. It is easy to get to this app known as Netflix. While content is region-blocked. If you are reading this from the USA, then you have a different library than the same person reading it in India. The best part is the fact that it allows you to download movies and series to mobile.

Thus you can watch your favorite shows or listen to your beloved songs without becoming a worry about mobile data. Moreover, it provides functionality for parental control. Furthermore, you can change the permissions for your kids’ profile or, perhaps, create kids’ profile where they will have access to kid-friendly content only. Netflix offers three plans: AS expected with the Ads, Standard, and Premium programs. No matter the type and amount of entertainment needed, you can change or cancel the plan at will. In a nutshell, the available information shows that Netflix is an incredible premium 123movies with a vast and expanding library of content.

12. 1HD


1HD is a website that is quite similar to 123movies and offers full streaming movie and TV series without redirects to other sites, no ads, no popups, no registration, and no download in HD quality in 2024 for free. If a reader of UpdateLand, I tried using this movie website with NordVPN and BraveBrowser. Of course, you understand that I always use these software to look for free movie sites . You can try browsing it through Movies, Movies: Top IMDB, Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery.

The good thing about this is comes with an advanced filter which allows you to filter the type of media content available, its quality, the year it was released among other features like the genre, country, and sort by. To watch a movie you should click on the movie specifying its thumbnail, then click on the “Watch Now” and after that click the “Player”. This way, you are ready to watch your movie, and feel relaxed knowing that everything is going to bee alright. It also recommends movies that may interest you based on your preference as per the data analyzed. All in all, it can be stated that it is really a good 123movies where people can watch movies for free without any necessity to register.



If you are in search for a 123movies proxy which provides free Hindi movies and dubbed movies then has available. then to is an ideal website for you if you love watching good movies online. This is the website to watch all new released Hindi movies online without downloading and sing up. New released movies qualities are not good; they need to have some time to watch them at a better quality.

It is not only the movies you are able to watch, TV series are available as well. Here are several options you may choose from in searching for the movie that will suit your preference. In conclusion, through this review, it is safe to conclude that Hindilinks4u is a good streaming platform to use when watching out for the latest Bollywood Indian movie or the latest Hollywood movie dubbed in Hindi.

14. PutLocker

Top Alternatives For Streaming Movies Like 123movies


PutLocker is also one of the best movie websites like 123movies to watch free online movies and Television shows HD without registration. It allows you to view movies from more than 10 countries and has many movies in every category which includes romance, action, crime, family, horror, and many more categories of movies. Here you can travel through the Top IMDB movies list as well because it is mentioned under the Top IMDB movies section.

Another advantage of this site is that it has comparatively fewer popups than 123movies. Therefore, if you are using an ad blocker extension then you can smoothly stream without any interruption.

15. FlixTor (Blocked)

Top Alternatives For Streaming Movies Like 123movies


Yet another helpful movie streaming site for watching new movies and TV shows online without any charges, signing up, or commercials. With a free Flixtor account you give yourself a streaming experience that is equal to that which you get from paid video streaming services. It is known for its collection of current popular, now playing in theaters, and most viewed movies and television shows. In an effort to feed the latest stuff, their media content database gets updated at an hourly basis. It has been around for a long while now and still uses the same domain address while many other 123movies alternatives have changed their extension which is why it is on this list of the top 10 sites like 123movies.

At times you will encounter a message such as this “All of our servers are down and please try again later”. As it is loaded heavily at this time, you need to wait some few minutes or seconds to enter and embrace streaming. If you see the same message after reloading the page, then try again after a few minutes or switch to the above-mentioned sites. Also, Flixtor has a VIP service for its VIP users where users can get some special service. To become a VIP user, You need to upgrade your account by donating some amount of money.

16. PrimeWire (Closed)


PrimeWire is with us again, and now it is even more than before a service that offers free movies streaming as they boast. Right now they are currently in the process of rebuilding their media database. Therefore if you find yourself running into any issue then just exercise patience. They promised to work on it soon to fix the problem or install new values. It has a cool looking GUI and several forms of filters (quality, genre, sort, and direction) to help them navigate the media libraries. It therefore means that registration is completely optional you may choose not to register if you wish you can just to in order to get some benefits. The main sections of PrimeWire include Movies , TV Shows, Schedules, Playlists and the Forum.

Next, there is the schedule, which is actually part of the advertisement but in a different form is rather interesting on its own. By this section you will manage to get all details about the TV shows of the current week and the subsequent week. Thus, you will never be left out of your beloved and anticipated TV show. All in all, If you wish to watch any TV series or any Movie and want to share your thoughts regarding it or discuss anything related to it, then you can sign up and become a member of one of the communities. Then, you are free to give your feedback as well this is typical of most health insurance companies in India.

On the aspect of streaming, every movie has seven adequate streaming options where viewers can watch online. If the one has poor quality or any other issues, then just try the other streaming methods. Or, you can search for shows based on the votes they received and you can exclude the ones sponsored. In one line, however, it does not resemble 123movies but it is much better than 123movies for watching your favorite movies online for free and without downloading. Therefore, this site should be on the list of sites like 123movies.

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Top Alternatives For Streaming Movies Like 123movies


A new 123movies web that has 3 active streaming servers to access movies and TV series to stream online for free with no registration of an account required. Its interface is appealing and closely resembles the first 123movies website that brought it to the limelight. Here you get all sorts of movies classification, action, family, mystery, and adventurous, war, horror, comedy and so on and on; a chance to select the country like Canada, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and so on;

There is also the top IMDB collection button. One more aspect, which, to my mind, was made well, is it tags placed thumbnails with movie quality (HD, CAM). To be clear, no digging deeper to know about movie quality is needed. : All the latest movies shall be featured here in CAM quality.

18. Rainierland


Rainierland is one of the most active links for free movie streaming online with no need for signup. It has being in the streaming industry for as long as any one can think of. It also has a vast library of optimized TV shows and Television Episodes. Its interface is clear without any clutter or pop-ups that tend to complicate the flow of operation required in translation.

Here as you’ll see that once you click the movie thumbnail this opens a new window and when you find a play button click it and this opens a new tab with another new window where you will find your movie video and when you click the play button again your movie video will start. As for some movies’ videos, there are different serves helping people to watch the movies they like. There is no need to panic if one particular server is not able to play the movies.

19. YouTube

Youtube my friend I am sure you’re already acquainted with it. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most used streaming platforms in the world and in the web. Such popular platforms like YouTube contains numerous channels that upload movies quite often.

It can easily be done by going to www. youtube. com through the search box where you get to type keywords such as free movies, Hindi movies, full length movies and many more to get through the list of movie channels. Here, I’m providing a few movie channels which offer you to watch free movies.



Top Alternatives For Streaming Movies Like 123movies


A new 123movie site that offers free streaming of movies and TV series and lets you do it without registration in ads and popups free. Unlike any other fake 123movies, it is relatively closer to the original 123movies, probably designed and developed by those who once were associated with 123movies. com site. Also in the aspect of options, it can play various genres, offer multiple options when filtering, and has a search bar too. My favourite is the T-op IMDB and it can be accessed with the click of a button.

Still, another thing I like with 123movie is their. net is it still offers thumbnail pictures which are like a video not much different from the HD and CAM. Unlike others, it also brings the option to turn the subtitles on or off at the same time. Same as with the watching window, you can control it as well. First, I should advise against clicking the buttons that say “Stream in HD” and “Download in HD. “ In reference to the 123movie. Si it is already large enough in %s, the net movies and TV shows collection.

21. TheFlixer


The initial view of this site, TheFlixer is fairly similar to 123movies with the big logo in the middle of the site, the search bar, and the option to browse the site. You are allowed to stream movies and TV shows online for free without any need to sign up for an account. Also it shows you IMDBS best movies and tv show list which a person can watch with just single click. It includes media content with aspects such as video quality, the year of release, and an IMDB rating. When you click at the thumbnail to watch a movie, there two popups that you can encounter.

Close the windows by pressing the cross in red on the right top corner and have your movie. Similar to other sites that offer free access with no registration, 123movies has up to 3 streaming servers which include; Upcloud, Vidcloud, and MixDrop. As long as I start talking about databases, it gets enough. It is a fact that can take several hours each day and still not lack for sufficient viewing within this outlet.

22. SFlix


More motion pictures free streaming website like 123movies to watch and download movies and Tv-shows online without signing up. At the present time, it has over 10 thousand, movies and TV series. To watch any movie on SFlix, for instance click on the watch now button followed by the server of your choice (either UpCloud or Vidcloud) and once the selected server is clicked, you will pop up notice to close it, kindly click on the text close popup to close the pop up.

There will be one more popup and close this one as well, and you should see your movie starts streaming. Sitting back and watching the film unfold on screen is thrilling enough. Additionally, it has another link, and this is the trailer link. If you so desire, you may watch this as well. Some audience may find this feature appealing if, for instance, they find the need to watch the trailer before they watch the actual movie.

23. Hulu [US only]



Hulu is one of the subscription video on-demand streaming services that consumer. Especially television shows and films, although it does cover and operate in other categories too. It gives an option of multiple devices to access the streaming application for watching TV shows and movies on the go. In addition, the platform is not limited to movies/TV series, as it also offers live sports, news, entertainment, and other content. It is available in the United States only although its advantages would benefit people all over the world.

In any case, for people from other countries, we have Amazon Prime, which is also quite acceptable as an alternative to Hulu. It has a monthly subscription fee; it is a premium streaming service, and it offers one plan at $5. 99 per month. Is what running through your mind is whether or not it should be worth putting cash down for the concept? But yeah! Hulu is providing one month free trial , just click on the link mentioned below and get this deal now.

4. Crackle




Note: This site has all the legalities tied up, making it one of the best 123movie alternatives out there. So you can disable adblocker — I agree with Darius that you should be able to turn off anti-ad blocking on any given site you would like to place an ad. Crackle is one of the most popular and beloved sites in the world for free movie and TV show streaming and for your media streaming needs. Its library is comprises of genres including movies that you would never get tired of watching and acclaimed TV shows and Crackle originals. In terms of its quality, Crackle is as good as anyother professional streaming website like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. With the Interface, collections of movies & TV shows, and a smooth streaming experience , it does check all the aforementioned boxes.

Regarding streaming, if it is on Crackle, then it can be streamed without any charge. However free streaming of movies and TV shows and other performance content on Crackle is accompanied by a sign up process. Nevertheless, just after the sign up, Crackle depicts a feel of heaven for movie lovers. It indeed has a humongous library of movies, television shows, and originals at its disposal in Crackle. And it is stale till it gets new stuff once in awhile like the official 123movies website. Each month Crackle attracts millions of users and I suppose, that you should be one of them! In one line, it is one of the best 123movies to consider when looking for the streaming of the movies and series online for free.

24. SolarMovie


Overall, SolarMovie is a go-to place for those who prefer watching movies in high-quality streaming online. Here, there is no necessity to create an account then, You can watch any movie or TV show of your choice. Many of the sites that offer movie streaming require one to sign up an account to be able to watch any particular movie, but I do not like that. It is a list, and if you are also like me, then you can put this movie site on list.

If you prefer watching movies on the web, simply log into SolarMovie and enjoy your preferred movie anytime of the day, any given minute. Solarmovie does not provide the downloading option, and thus if you are looking for the 123movies alternative place to download movies then you need to use torrent sites. It is possible to sort them by Genre, Country, and Top MDB rating, which is a useful feature for movie search. In addition, it provides all types of movies including the action movies, history, drama, horror movies and so on.



123movieshub. This website is a clone of 123movies that lets you watch movies and TV shows online for free without being forced to provide your email. Searching can be done by genre and also by the rating given by IMDB. However, using bar, a user can search any particular movie or any television series that he/she desires. It will shift 3-4 times to a new tab once you start it like the play button below.

After that, close all of them, so you can fully enjoy your movie or episodes. Movies database contains thousands of movies and TV shows which are updated frequently. Of course, one can sit in front of your computer for hours on the same day and enjoy either movies or TV shows.

26. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another free streaming service with advertisements and is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, making it a legal 123movies cousin. It works with almost all devices like Xbox, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Play Station, Chromecast, Kodi, and several others. This is also important to note that registration is not mandatory to allow the customers to watch the movies and the shows. On the homepage, you have three options: It has Movies, Series, and a search bar. You can browse Movies by listed categories: From All Movies, Movies: Action, Comedy, Crime, Documentaries, Drama, Horror, SCI FI, Sports, Thriller.

In case of the series too the same options are available. The main thing that I did not like from their interface was the fact that I did not get any vertical scroll bar. I guess there is some problem with the design of this website perhaps they should correct it here. At least here you have not many choices to filter its content on the basis of release year, its IMDB rating, or country like the actually original 123movies has. In contrast between Tubi and Popcornflix, I would like to say that Tubi is a good website to substitute 123movies for watching various kinds of films and television programs in the web space for free.


27. LookMovie


Another popular similar site to 123movies is LookMovie, which offers free streaming of movies and TV series without requiring the user to download the content or enter a login and password. The user interface of LookMovie is bright and professionally designed but simple enough at the same time. Content is filtered with subject, date, category, and genres and sub-genres under movies and television shows collection.

If one uses adblocker, one has to disable it to watch a movie at this movie site if we have no problem. As soon as you start the video by pressing the ‘play’ button, a pop-up window will appear. The icons at the bottom allow you to zoom in / out, turn on subtitles and more, click on the cross button in the right corner to close this and enjoy your movie. Moreover, 1 click and you can know IMDB rating and movie quality And having more options in setting a movie also.

28. Afdah


Afdah is not a 123movies website but a feature-rich movie streaming website for streaming movies and TV shows without invasive advertisements and no signup is required. You can enjoy movies of about 30+ countries here. It supports iOS and Android devices also go to home page In addition it also supports iOS and Android also. Indeed, it has a large number of movies and TV programs in every given category of action, adventure, animation, biography, comedy, the criminal, drama to fantasy and so on that you may even be able to watch classic movies to the latest ones you have not been able to watch due to lack of time.

It provides a list of movies that include the IMDB rating, genre, duration, director, and other information about the movie is displayed, the movie’s trailer link, three instant streaming servers for the movie, and similar movies. It enables a viewer to express his/her opinion about movies through comment section.

29. XMovies8


It popularized Watching Hollywood movies online for free without any sign up and downloads at XMovies8. You can watch TV shows also here The best place to get the full feel of it would be to visit the website of the specific channel or television network that airs these shows and episodes, as you will be able to get the whole feel of the internet as the ultimate television playpen in its truest sense.

But if I join the band and speak about its interface, it is quite acceptable. There are many areas that could use improvements, such as a lack of filters like year, genre, or IMDB rating. To watch a movies at XMovies8, the first thing you need to do is to click play button and then tap play button again, then you will be taken to the new website, and now you should hit the play button again. This way your movie / TV shows will start stream. If you are looking for a way to remove, or to minimize the number of pop-ups and advertisements that appear on your browser, then it is my recomendation to download Adbocker extension as mentioned above.

30. Crackle


Note: This site has all the legalities tied up, making it one of the best 123movie alternatives out there. So you can disable adblocker — I agree with Darius that you should be able to turn off anti-ad blocking on any given site you would like to place an ad. Crackle is one of the most popular and beloved sites in the world for free movie and TV show streaming and for your media streaming needs. Its library is comprises of genres including movies that you would never get tired of watching and acclaimed TV shows and Crackle originals. In terms of its quality, Crackle is as good as anyother professional streaming website like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. With the Interface, collections of movies & TV shows, and a smooth streaming experience , it does check all the aforementioned boxes.

Regarding streaming, if it is on Crackle, then it can be streamed without any charge. However free streaming of movies and TV shows and other performance content on Crackle is accompanied by a sign up process. Nevertheless, just after the sign up, Crackle depicts a feel of heaven for movie lovers. It indeed has a humongous library of movies, television shows, and originals at its disposal in Crackle. And it is stale till it gets new stuff once in awhile like the official 123movies website. Each month Crackle attracts millions of users and I suppose, that you should be one of them! In one line, it is one of the best 123movies to consider when looking for the streaming of the movies and series online for free.





If you require a site like 123movies, Movies4u, then you have come to the right place. uno got you covered. Any questions and suggestions are welcome, The program has a very professional, modern, and appealing look. It is the list of the latest movies/TV series that was included in the platform with the most recent being displayed. Some filters that assist in locating your content are available also there. You can use its genre (comedy/horror/action/sci- fi, etc.) filter or simply use filters on the top bar. The top bar enables you to search for Hollywood, Bollywood, Movies, TV series and so on There is a Search bar you can use in order to search directly if there is a particular movie/series you are looking for.

Video content, maps, illustrations, everything can be viewed directly on the website. It does not require that you sign up or register for any subscription and does not charge anything. As for the majority of the videos, the available resolutions are mostly 1080P. There is productivity as there is quality too, but this hasn’t stopped the advancement of technology in other areas. There are no annoying pop-ups or flash ads: the only slightly bothersome advertisements are the 10-second non-skippable pre-roll ads for the movie player. If the movie’s foreign version is present, you can even choose a different language for the movie you are watching.

32. Dotmovies


If you are searching for the site like 123movies to watch Bollywood movies then subside, the following site Dotmovies is the best site for you. Here, one can explore movies of his/her choice through movies list search bar based on genre and year.

For streaming servers, it provides you a single server unlike 123movies new link alternates of Yesmovies, Vumoo, Fmovies etc. All in all, it gives you the best opportunity to watch free movies online no downloading with no need to create an account, HD movies online.



Latest bollywood and hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and English in full high definition for free. It is also important to note that there is no need to create any account whatsoever. When comes to Fixtor. When in the tel interface, it gives a well-arranged and orderly look.

Provided filters were genres, years, and languages. And it has the most popular content listed in the sidebar of the site. It categorizes movies with all the information that might be of interest to the user, such as runtime, year, casts, directors, storyline, and trailer link.




Website:  is a streaming website where you can watch the latest and the most popular TV shows and movies online absolutely free and without registration in High Definition. It also enables you to search publications in alphabetical order, in categories or by years.

Also, the sidebar of offers contains popular TV series. It is not exactly like 123movies but it can be used as a substitute for 123movies that allows movie lovers to watch free movies online. Its interface is clean yes no ads and popups here, Well yes the interface here is rather clean. However you have to view certain commercials/advertisement initially when the movie starts playing in the movie player.

35. (closed)



Fmovies. law  is a resource where you can watch TV series, movies, and cartoons online for free without any registration or downloading. Fmovies. law has subcategories; this makes extensive search relatively easy. It means that you are able to filter the media contents by categories, years, languages, etc. The genres of the films are divided into five main groups: Bollywood, Hollywood, movies, TV Series, and Cartoons.

It has no ads or popups on its user interface; the video player part has advertisements of some few seconds that play before movies or continued TV series. It is unique from other 123movies alternatives as it allows one to watch the trailer without having to bounce through the other site. It is better not to judge movies from free movie sites like 123movies.

Streaming is secure while linking a NordVPN, and don’t click on buttons with text labels, such as Download, Sign up, or Log in. In short, KMOSZ is a reliable Free movie streaming website to watch movies for free. It is beneficial to think of it when other websites like Vumoo, Saop2day, YesMovies, Bmovies, and MoviesJoy are not loading or opening.



The 36th 123movies alternative to Stream full movies & TV series full episodes online for free, no download and without having to signup or register. YoMovies. Uno has an ads-free from face but it sounds like uno doesn’t sound professional unlike 123movies. It can be sorted using such filters like Bollywood, Hollywood, TV Series, Movies, Cartoons, Categories, Years, Language, and Alphabet. IMDB provides thumbnail and movie quality or type, year of release and rating which makes it an ideal place to watch movies online.

Practically, watching a movie is as easy as a snap of your fingers, literally, you just click on a thumbnail then the play button. As a result, you will have to watch at least 10 seconds of advertisement before a movie or a new television show begins. The best feature of YoMovies that can be clearly noticed and admired is what sets uno is that it isn’t vigilant of popups when you roam through it or click on the player button.




When you get to the site homepage, there are free TV shows and movies at the top of the page under the tabs. Below it is identified an Alphabetic scale. Users only need to click on the Alphabet and all the items that starts with the Alphabet will appear. Or, quickly type in the search bar the name of whatever it is that you require. One more feature is the left-sidebar, which displays the popular content of the website as soon as the page is loaded.

What surprised me was the content’s recency – This app has some movies/shows that were released within the past two to three weeks. Your clicks do not trigger pop up/undesirable ads. Before starting the movie/series, there will be a 10-second ad, which I think may turn into a great inconvenience or ‘eh?’The site is free to use and members can interact with each other without any charges being made.

38. (Closed)



As for the interface, which is the same with most of the other websites, such as 123movies, which you may come across on this list. Alphabetic-scale above, then a list of the most-viewed/shown shows with a “genre” and “launch year” filter on the left side of the page. In conclusion, the search for movies/shows is quite a simple task. Sometimes you can watch very fresh movies/shows, with fairly good quality of stream, often in 1080P. Bandwidth issues?

You can easily just lower the quality right there on the video player. It can also be controlled in terms of speed of playback. All in all it’s quite mild, there are no ads across the entire website, not even on the videos, there is only pre-roll ad and this can also be avoided. Sometimes, it is possible to come across several streaming servers at once. To my knowledge, I have never come across a situation in which I needed to search for a single dead server up until this point.

39. (Closed)


This site must be on any list that deals with 123movies alternatives. Once more, if you have read up to this on this list, then I am sure you have seen the UI at least once. The content however is unique and different. The movies can be searched using the search bar, categories or the year of their release. There are both movies and TV shows that you can watch on the site.

Some content may even be dubbed/subbed. In terms of controls, the video player presents 3 principal options: speed, quality, and scale (size). This can be used fully and freely from any browser. When you hover over a movie, further information like cast, director, genre, year of release, etc. appear.



Soap2day. fan is another movie streaming site like 123movies. It provides you with a vast number of genres, a simple search option, and sections (Movies, TV Series). In contrast to 123movies, there is no need to create an account here. It provides you with a library of more than thousands of movies and TV shows. Watching movies at Soap2day. fan is like most other free 123movies website.

My advice is to ignore the “Stream in HD” and “Download in HD” buttons and do not disclose any information about you in any situation. However, it is not a part of the official Saop2day. com (is no longer online). It is a movie site that was established recently with the similar name.



An extensive working 123movies clone to watch full-length Movies and T. V. Shows online in 720p and 1080p without registration. Its interface is equally similar to 123movies in that it has those top tabs through which users access the home page. For exploration, it has tabs such as Categories that includes the genre (Action, animation, drama, comedy, crime, Horror and so on), Movies, Series/TV shows and the search bar.

Another feature that is also great in my opinion is that you can get all the stats (rating IMDB, year of release, movie bio, country, and genre )ref with the click. In conclusion, yes it is a nice copy of 123movies but it does require a lot of polishing so that people would go directly to this website to watch their movies.



By now, you know the name of PutLocker has been known as one of the best free movie streaming sites like 123movies. While the domain of the official site PutLucker was closed, many new portals with a similar name appeared but disappear rather quickly. PutLocker. is another working domain to watch movies and episodes for free without registering and downloading in 2024 for men.

This one will make you feel like you’re using the original PutLocker whenever you are accessing it. Here, you get 2 streaming servers to stream movies online, so choose the one which fits you. One thing that I did not like about it is that it is not compatible with NordVPN, which distinguishes it from all the other top 5 123movies alternatives mentioned above.

43. Yify TV

Yify TV or Ymovies is also another site similar to 123movies for watching full free movies online at no cost in high definition quality. This site is devoted to the selection of films. If you want the site which can help you to watch Movies & TV shows online then scroll down to the next. It gives you the options on the search bar beyond the basic ones such as genre and the year. Also, there is still a line-up of popular tags on the top, which link to movies or you can try the Old homepage.

Hello there! There are no ads and popups to annoy you if you are using an ad blocking extension. Moviemagic is one of the largest collections out there that allows anyone to look for the entire spectrum of movies from the 1900’s till 2019. A list of all movies is provided alongside all the relevant details and torrent links. You can not only stream movies with Yify TV, but you also can download the movies as well. It looks safe.

44. Movie4u (Not Working)


Movie4u hosts high definition movies only The primary color scheme is black, and some parts use orange, brown and white. It is also the most suitable movie streaming website for the one who likes to watch movies with high IMDB ratings like 123movies. However, it is updated rarely, and this characteristic can give an accurate view of the stability of a specific stock.

However, it does have a nice list of films and Television shows for either online streaming or direct download for free with no necessity of registering an account. When you select the Top IMDB option it will take you to another set of links in the side bar to filter by genre, by release year and most viewed archives. It also has an advantage of sorting movies according to the first letter, aided by the click characters. There is good streaming not lags just allow buffering of the video.

47. MovieStars (Closed)

MovieStars is another movie website similar to 123movies which offer genres, years, and countries filters along with 4 servers to watch movies and TV series online without paying or signing up. In addition, it provides any kind of information: IMDB rating, release year, cast, country, duration, etc. about the movies/TV shows. If you are using a laptop or any internet media to watch a movie when you start by clicking on the play button you will notice on the top right corner of the screen there is a red button that says “Register Now”.

Don’t ever do that and don’t even give any form of information required to create the account. It can be accessed for free and even better, the user does not need to sign up to access these movies as I mentioned at the start. This means that you will and can see some interruptions if you are not using NordVPN and Brave Browser.

48. Soap2Day (Closed)



Once more, Soap2Day is ahead of the 123movies site since it is a better software that captures the attention of a viewer. It has a long-standing tradition of providing streaming services, at least as long as the industry has existed. I suppose once you will know about it, there will be no need to look further. You can watch movies and TV shows here without any ads or pop-ups bothering you if you are part of the brave browser and NordVPN family.

Here sometimes to watch movies and/or television shows, it is as simple as searching for the movie or the choice show and pressing play. No, again, the procedures do not involve account creation here, unlike other free 123movies options listed above. The aspect that personally causes me to appreciate Soap2Day is that it provides categories on trending and most watched movies and shows. In my point of view, it is very well organized or even it can be said that it is easy to search. As much as I wish to be rated this site I will give it 8 out of 10.

49. HackIMDB (Shutdown)


HacIMDB is the marvelous 123movies of the best 123movies mirror sites for watching free 123movies movies in HD without signing up. It is has separate sections for HD movies, Cinema movies and the new Movies where you get to search for the movies by its genre, country and year release. Presently the site has 15 countries’ movies, in its movies database. When you want enhanced streaming, it is recommended that you use Adblocker extension.

When you click on it initially, another window may open and you have to click on the X and then hit play button to play the movie of your preference. It has only one streaming server Also the channel has only limited number of programs. But as a search tool, it provides you with secondary information such as IMDB ranking, movie length, year of release, and so on, and allows you to watch movie trailers.


It is another site where one can watch a variety of films and television serials online without necessarily paying for them or register an account with the site or even streaming them in high definition.  To go into is one of professionally designed movie streaming sites similar to 123movies. Still, if there is one thing that I didn’t like about HDO, it’s the popups and if you are thinking that you can avoid them since you are using an ad blocker extension, you are wrong. And the sad thing is there are many more such wraiths out there.

They include suggestions for users, new movies, and new TV series, as indicated in the homepage. Yet another fantastic aspect of HDO is that it adds movie thumbnails with the corresponding video quality as like few of the best 123movies alternatives. It does not have the capability to host any files on it servers, it merely provides services Iin a blank slate. All links are downloaded from such third party sites as other free movie sites used by the public. There are seven major categories, or sections, in the program: genre, country, movies, TV series, Top IMDB, Requested, A-Z, and news.

For the movies, it provides options like latest movies, most watched today, famous ones, ones with more ratings, Top IMDB, HD/SD/CAM and series/TV shows by genre, country, and year of release filters. Just to sit down and watch a movie in this place, one has to tap the play button four times and more. I would like to recommend you this movie streaming site but with a condition of using it with an adblocker extension solely for the sake of your computer.


51. SnagFilms (Shutdown)



In case you’re wondering where to watch something that is not a movie or a TV episode online without having to register an account, then SnagFilms should probably on top of your list. It has a vast content library that has movies, TV shows, stand-up comedy clips, and amazing documentaries.

For more mobile utilization relative to PC, you will be able to get the SnagFilms App from your phone. iPhone, iPad, Android, OTT devices, Smart TVs, tablets, desktops, and the like are among the compatible devices for Swizznet. ” You should go there personally to have a look at his collection!

52. CineBloom (Closed)


While CineBloom is not as similar to 123movies, it is still a better source for finding TV broadcasts and new movies online even if you don’t sign up for an account. He offered wide range of movies (from classical to the latest movies). You will be liable to handle ads and popups as is common with most free movie streaming sites if you are not an adblocker user.

On its homepage, it offers the latest movies and the latest episodes of TV-she. For streaming a movie online, streaming server’s here you have got 4+ options for streaming a movie online. But for features such as filters like genre, year, country, IMDB rating etc it doesn’t have it Though it’s a good site like 123movies where you can watch and download free movies online without having to sign up in HD.



It has undergone a shut down because of piracy issue, although its platform, Vumoo, enjoys a highly positive reputation. That is why we lost its ranking or need to do it as it loses its relevance in the course of the current continuous, itinerant project. For those who do not have any specific movie name in their mind and are just willing to watch a movie right now, Vumoo is a good site. This holds it apart from other free movie streaming sites such as 123movies because of the lack of any pop-ups. However, it has comparatively lesser amount of advertisements but they aren’t likely to bother you like pop-ups.

There are no signup details required and no need to fill in credit card details to watch full movies and series online. Absolutely, no charges or hidden costs for using the website, it is completely free. This video shows how you are able to access information about the movie when you click on the thumbnail of the movie in question. It lacks basic filters like genres, country, year of release, IMDB rating, etc Movies’ video quality is good, still, they don’t mention the quality of the movie thumbnail like HD CAM, etc Movies database is insanely big and they continue to add new movies and tv series into them, seems like they actually care about their readers.

54. Fmovies4free


If I have to go by ranking then, Afdah holds the spot of the finest free movie streaming solution whereas, Fmovies comes as my second favorite. It has less number of popup advertisements than any other free movie website and offers high quality free movies and most beloved television shows for streaming without downloading or signing up. Some of the main directories of FMovies are Genre, Country, Movies, TV Series, Cinema Movies, Movies by Alphabet, Release Year and Highest Rated.

Movies thumbnails are the rectangular boxes that are equipped with video quality. That way it is easy to filter down to the high-definition quality movies to watch. You should receive one popup before your move or TV show begins to stream. Here you offer six servers, namely Openload and others.

55. Cmovies-Official.


With Cmovies, you get an organized layout, easy accessibility to an extensive library of movies and tv shows, filter options, multiple links, a search feature, a request option, top IMDb’s movies list, and many more. It only works effectively and efficiently when used in combination with the adblocker extension. As it stands, with no adblocker extension installed, you would have to endure adverts, pop-ups, and commercials.

It also continues loading new releases of flicks & TV exhibits as soon as they’re launched like YesMovies. It would also follow the same process like YesMovies where the user selects the movie that they want to watch. However, if YesMovies is not accessible or seized in your region, you have the Cmovies to watch full movies online free streaming without signing up or installing anything. Whether it is Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Corian movies, etc; all of them are available here and you will find all of them with the click of a mouse. . That is why it is the best choice that people should take as a replacement of 123movies.

56. ZMoviess


It is one of the popular free movie sites similar to 123movies and has no ads and popups so you can watch movies (popular, top rated, newly released) and TV shows in high quality without registering. The flow of its homepage is different than most of the other 123movies options. I would like to note that it has a kind of a vibe of some premium services in terms of streaming such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Cracke, etc am not mistaking!! On the front page, there are options like trending movies, popular movies, top movies, trending TV, popular TV, and top TV.

The thing that I found appealing is that all of the media content is already associated with an IMDB rating, so this means that you do not have to delve deeper to find out about IMDB rating. You get this info on its homepage with no effort and in fact the company values this public image. May I also ad that it was entertaining to know that most of the countries’ programs are actually available in the site. It is a very simple process to play a movie (takes only three clicks) as is evident with most of the 123movies rivals. But searching for a particular movie in this case is very limited, and you have little say or influence in what movie you want to watch.

Here there is only a search bar besides a movie & TV shows category and the homepage’s featured catalog. If they add even more such filters as genre, country, and the year of release, the sooner it will become the preferred source of the show or movie for those who are looking for the option that is pretty similar to 123movies. All in all, ZMovies is a better bet to the disrupted source of 123movies to watch full movies & TV shows streaming online for free without ads-popups interruption.

57. StreamLord (Not Working)




Here, you will be able to watch movies and TV series, as well as other 123movies alternatives available without signing up. For movies, it searching by movie genres is possible (action, animation, history, western, comedy, adventure, etc. ), however, when it comes to TV series, there is no such thing as genre filter… You can only filter by show titles and launch the newest collection in one go. You may also become a member of the forum if you would like to as well. Let me specifically recommend that you don’t join the forum because it is amongst the free movie sites that have a dangerous habit of stealing your information.

The most impressive thing I have to say is that, there does not appear the deceptive register or sign up now button when the watching screen appears. Purchasing movies for streaming will be done with the single click. Note: This site is tested on [Date], in Brave browser with NordVPN and adblocker enabled. Although for those who have accounts and subscribe to their services it is an amazing platform, for everyone else, you can just see ads and popups.

58. MovieCrumbs


However, if you are still searching for the new and fully working 123movies sites with subtitles, then MovieCrumbs is one of them you can visit. It is a popular and well thought out free movie site with slick features and filters and over 10000 movies and Shows free in HD without membership or signing up and zero pop up ads. Furthermore, to use it, you can search for a movie or a TV show of your preference in less than a minute using genres, countries, the most popular ones according to IMDB, and the search box is available too.

However, It has no media hosting like most other 123movies options, which means they do not host or link to files themselves. Additionally, it has trend, and favourite movies/TV shows, recent updates sections directly on the website’s homepage. There is another wonderful feature, namely, it searches for all the necessary info about a movie/TV show with a help of an active mouse hover on the thumbnail.

59. Azmovies


The is  another site to download or watch full new bollywood, hollywood and cartoon movies online free in hd without registration. In filters, Azmovies present to you: Genres, year, Bollywood, Hollywood, cartoons, and a search bar.

60. SpaceMov

Website: is another free movie streaming site comparable to 123movies where users can watch free movies online without signing up. It runs more slowly than other listed options and takes time to load files. If you are planning to use a VPN and a browser designed for streaming, then you should go for NordVPN and Brave Browser respectively. For instance, you are more likely to encounter lots and lots of pop-ups and ad intrusions especially while watching the movies and when you are on this site. With regards to filters, here you have Options in the form of Ratings, Trending, Top View, Genres and Release Year.

To watch a movie/TV show, when the cursor is steady at the thumbnail, one clicks on the arrow that points and the next screen is a black big screen with a player at the center. First, beside it there would be a very small cross icon on the play button – click on that and then play the video. Now feel free and comfortably lie down and watch your preferred program, a movie or a TV show. Respectively, it can barely be called to watch movies and TV shows free of charge but not such a quality platform as Bmovies or FMovies.

61. StreamM4u


While StreamM4u’s interface differs from 123movies, it stands out as a prime substitute due to its array of provided features. One click-inclusive access to new films and episodes is readily available alongside sidebar listings for top daily, weekly, and monthly movie selections. To utilize this platform correctly simply input your desired film title into the search bar then watch as StreamM4u presents you with relevant matches complete with thumbnail previews that include their active streaming links.

Following selection by clicking on any chosen preview adds an in-built player which triggers playback thus making viewing effortless – all without needing registration! Overall speaking it serves as a brilliant alternative option when opting to view both popular current releases plus TV show series comparable or superior even compared those offered up via other obsolete sites like 123movies

62. WatchFree-Official (Not Working)



WatchFree is a website that offers full movies and TV series for free in high video quality, without the need to register (do not confuse it with the green registration button). With its long-standing presence on the web, you can trust WatchFree to provide fast streaming and excellent picture clarity. Navigation through this site proves effortless as they offer an extensive collection of films and TV shows from newly released titles up until top-rated blockbusters all within easy reach. The homepage features categories such as HD movies, Latest Movies Top 100 great movies of all time & famous television programs while under Genres are various options including Action, Biography Comedy Crime Fantasy Romance History among many others—to help one locate their desired show or movie efficiently.

Furthermore, there’s no worry about missing out when watching your favorite shows because Watch-Free has curated links showcasing every episode across several seasons—all in one place! To find more information regarding each film or program available for viewing—simply click on them—where IMDb ratings synopsis cast details et al will be listed at once. If you’re looking for a website with diverse entertainment content where access doesn’t cost anything—it remains safe doing so via this platform greatly. Why not give it a try to see how much enjoyment awaits?

123movies Unblocked Proxy & Mirror Sites

In case the aforementioned alternatives to 123movies fail to please you, fret not. You can explore the following inventory of fresh links that lead to new sites affiliated with 123movies and access your desired shows or movies sans any downloading requirements or mandatory registration processes—for free! However, it is recommended against acquiring content from these proxy variants as they present safety hazards. Do not attempt clicking on ‘Download’ or ‘Stream.’ Instead, utilize only viable players for playback purposes. Additionally—while streaming—it’s wise to make use of efficient VPN software such as NordVPN for secure browsing. Let us proceed forthwith!

Top Alternatives For Streaming Movies Like 123movies

FAQs about 123movies

If you’re curious about (also referred to as GoStream and 123Movieshub), take a look at these commonly asked questions.

What is 123movies?

123movies was a popular streaming site that let users watch movies for free. According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), it was the most popular illegal site in the world as of March 2018. The original site was, but after it was shut down, it went through several name and domain changes, such as,,, and more. Although the original site is gone, many similar sites have popped up with slight domain variations, like,, and To find a functioning site like 123movies, you can search “UpdateLand 123movies” on Google for a list of alternatives.

Is 123movies safe?

No, 123movies is not safe for watching movies and TV shows online. Many fake or cloned versions of the original site exist, and they often send viruses and malware to your computer through JavaScript. If you don’t have a strong antivirus and firewall, visiting these sites can cause serious problems.

Is 123movies legal?

No, 123movies is not legal. The MPAA declared it the world’s most popular illegal movie streaming site in 2018, noting it received 98 million visits in a month. Following this declaration, the site was shut down. Streaming copyright-protected content without permission is illegal in most countries. It’s best to avoid illegal streaming sites and consider using a good VPN like NordVPN to protect your identity, along with antivirus software to keep your computer safe from viruses.

What happened to 123movies?

If 123movies isn’t working or seems down, it’s because it was shut down on March 15, 2018. The site was declared the world’s largest pirate site by the MPAA, and authorities in Vietnam, where it was operated, took action to shut it down. While searching for 123movies might yield several results, most of these are fake and unsafe.

Which 123movies is real?

The official 123movies site ( was shut down in 2018. Many copycat websites now exist, mimicking the original’s look and name with different extensions or extra characters. However, none of these are the real 123movies. They are filled with ads, popups, and misleading buttons.

What is 123movies called now?

The new site functioning similarly to 123movies is While there are many sites using the 123movies name, most are misleading and potentially harmful. The mentioned site currently works without ads and popups if you use a VPN like NordVPN. If you don’t have a VPN, consider getting one for safer browsing.

Why is 123movies not working?

If 123movies is not working, it might be blocked in your country or it could be permanently gone. If you see a “This site is blocked” error, using a VPN like NordVPN can help unblock it. Alternatively, try the new site,

What are the best sites like 123movies?

How to Unblock 123movies Alternatives?

If sites like 123movies are blocked in your country, you can use NordVPN to access them. It’s simple: just install NordVPN on your PC or laptop, run it, and connect to a server in a different country. This will allow you to unblock most of the working 123movies URLs. Plus, using NordVPN while streaming from these sites provides an ad-free experience and a secure environment.

Is There a Better Site Than 123Movies?

Yes, Flixrave is one of the best free movie streaming sites available as of May 3, 2024. It’s even better than many of the 123movies alternatives out there.

Where Do You Stream Movies Now That 123Movies is Down?

When 123movies is down, I use Flixrave, YesMovies, Bmovies, MoviesJoy, and FlixTor to stream movies for free. Flixrave is my go-to ever since shut down.

How to Use 123Movies Safely?

To use 123Movies safely, start by running a good VPN like NordVPN on your device. Connect to a server in any country, then enable Web Protection and File Protection features in the VPN. After that, you can open 123movies in your browser and stream movies or series. NordVPN will block ads, popups, and any malicious files automatically, keeping you safe while you stream.

Is 123Movies Legal in the US?

No, 123Movies is not legal in the US. This was confirmed when the Motion Picture Association called it out.

Did 123Movies Get Banned?

Yes and no. The original 123movies was officially shut down by Vietnamese authorities after being exposed by the Motion Picture Association. However, new domains like and popped up soon after. While specific domains can be banned, the people behind the site often create new domains and servers. Sometimes the primary domain remains active but is only banned in certain regions, making it accessible through VPNs and other methods.


That’s a wrap for the article! Hopefully, these sites like 123movies will help you dive deeper into your love for movies. Now you can easily watch and download your favorite films online! While 123movies has been a top choice for streaming movies with great features, it’s always good to have alternatives. Knowing these 10 sites can be really helpful when 123movies is down or not working for any reason.

Share in the comments which movie site you think is the best replacement for 123movies. And if you know any other sites like 123movies, let me know in the comments too. Remember, knowledge isn’t power until it’s shared!

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