Best Ways to Make $50 Fast

9+ Best Ways to Make $50 Fast For University Students – Earn Today

I can relate to that feeling of needing some quick cash, whether it’s for an unexpected expense, treating yourself to something you’ve been eyeing, or just making ends meet until the next paycheck. It’s a familiar situation many of us have found ourselves in.

The good news is, we live in the digital age with so many side hustle opportunities literally at our fingertips through apps and online gig work. You shared some great examples – freelance writing, food delivery, tutoring, and more. With a bit of effort, it’s definitely possible to earn $50, $100, or even $500 pretty quickly by tapping into these modern side gigs.

I appreciate you compiling this list of fast money-making ideas. When cash is tight, having a variety of options to choose from can be really helpful. And you’re right, taking advantage of the digital gig economy can help prevent those dreaded “almost broke” moments from happening.

I’m curious to hear more about which side hustles from your list you’ve tried yourself or would most recommend? Do you have any personal tips for maximizing earnings or making gig work really efficient? I’d love to get your firsthand perspective on the best tactics for quickly earning extra cash on top of whatever primary job or income source someone might have. Your insights could definitely help others tackle those “need money now” situations. Here are couple of great side hustle for students to make $50 per hour fast.

Best Ways to Make $50 Fast

1.  Start a Blog

Starting a blog is definitely a viable way to earn money online, as you mentioned. While it may not provide quick cash right away, building a successful blog can lead to great passive income opportunities over the long run. Here are a few key points about using blogging to make money:

Niche Selection
Choosing the right niche that you’re passionate about, but can also potentially monetize, is crucial. Find that sweet spot between your interests and profitability.

Build an Audience First
The initial focus should be on consistently creating valuable content to attract and grow an audience. Building trust and relationship with readers is paramount before monetizing.

Monetization Options
Once you have good traffic and an engaged audience, monetization methods like displaying ads, securing sponsorships from relevant brands, and including affiliate links can generate income streams.

I think using affiliate marketing by including affiliate links is one of the easiest, low-barrier ways for new bloggers to start monetizing. You earn commissions by promoting other company’s products/services contextually.

While blogging may not put $50 in your pocket tomorrow, it allows you to build a real asset over time that can produce recurring passive revenue streams. Have you tried blogging yourself or know anyone who effectively monetized their blog? Would love to hear more about good niches, content strategies, and any tips for driving traffic and income for blogs.

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2. Food  Delivery

Food delivery is an excellent option for earning quick cash with the flexibility to work when you want. With services like DoorDash, Uber Eats and GrubHub, the demand is definitely there from people wanting food conveniently delivered.

Making $50 or more per day seems quite achievable if you can put in enough hours. And having that flexibility to treat it as a true gig job and work around your other commitments is hugely valuable.

A few advantages I can see to food delivery:

Truly flexible hours – you decide when and how much you want to work
Getting paid instantly for each delivery
Potential to earn well above minimum wage if hustling
Ability to listen to podcasts/audiobooks while driving if you enjoy that
The cons seem to be vehicle costs/wear and tear, variable income, and dealing with roadways/parking.

But overall, it seems like an accessible way for someone with a vehicle or bike to get out there and quickly start earning cash on their own terms. Hitting a $50/day goal seems quite reasonable.

I’m curious to hear more about your DoorDash experience – what were the highest earning days like? Any strategies for maximizing your hourly rate? And how was dealing with customer interactions? Those frontline insights are super valuable.

3.  Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is an excellent option for earning quick cash, and you laid out some great points on why it can be an effective hustle. A few key advantages:

There’s constant high demand for all types of written content across countless platforms and businesses
It’s flexible work that can be done on your own schedule, even overnight or around a day job
The payoff per gig can be very lucrative if you’re a skilled writer – getting $50 or more for a single article is achievable
I also really appreciate you highlighting how to be a successful freelance writer. Your advice to research thoroughly, maintain originality, and have impeccable proofreading is spot on. Those elements are what separate high-quality writers from the pack.

Building your reputation through excellent work is so important when competing on those freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr etc. Do you have any other tips for standing out early on when you’re still building your portfolio? Strategies for writing excellent pitches or determining what clients/gigs to go after?

You’re also right that it requires real effort and commitment to developing your skills continuously. It’s not passive income by any means. But the potential is there to earn much more than $50 per day for talented writers.

I’m curious if you currently freelance write yourself or have had experience with any of those platforms? Insights from someone in the trenches would be really valuable to share with others looking to get started in this hustle. Thanks again for the helpful overview!

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4. Selling Unused or Unwanted Item

Selling unused or unwanted items around your home can be an incredibly quick and easy way to make some extra cash. Many of us have valuable things just collecting dust in closets, garages, attics etc. that others may want to buy. As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another’s treasure! Why let perfectly good belongings go to waste when you can declutter and make money at the same time?

Using online marketplaces and apps like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and Decluttr really does make the selling process seamless. You can list items conveniently from home and connect with local or worldwide buyers looking for what you’re selling.

For bigger items like furniture, having a good old fashioned garage/yard sale is another solid option to attract nearby buyers and sell in-person.

The beauty of this idea is that it’s such a low-effort way to potentially make $50 or much more, just by finally purging things you don’t need or use anymore. You’re getting value from belongings that were just taking up space.

Do you have any personal tips for selling things successfully through apps/websites vs. garage sales? Certain items that tend to sell better? This could be great advice for others looking to quickly clear their clutter for cash!

5. Proof Reading

Proofreading is an excellent alternative to freelance writing for making quick money, especially if you have a keen eye for detail and a strong grasp of grammar/spelling.

Offering proofreading services through freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. provides easy access to a steady stream of potential clients in need of your services. As you mentioned, simply creating a profile showcasing your proofreading skills allows you to start bidding on available proofreading gigs right away.

The convenience of these platforms for finding work is hugely beneficial. And proofreading does provide the perk of “getting paid to read” in a sense!

For those not wanting to go through a freelancing website, you’re absolutely right that marketing yourself locally to schools, businesses, authors, etc. in need of proofreading can be just as effective for finding gigs.

The key seems to be clearly marketing your proofreading capabilities and showing potential clients the value in having an extra set of eyes go through their important documents to catch errors prior to publication or distribution. Do you have any tips on skills to highlight or ways to efficiently proofread and markup documents?

This could be the perfect side hustle for avid readers, English majors, or editors looking to earn quick cash by lending their proofreading prowess to clients. Really insightful suggestion!

6. Babysitting

Babysitting is an excellent suggestion for earning quick cash, especially if you are good with children and have some experience caring for them. There is consistently high demand from exhausted parents looking for reliable babysitters to give them a break.

Utilizing online platforms like and UrbanSitter makes it very convenient to create a profile highlighting your babysitting skills/experience and then get matched with parents in your local area seeking sitters. These sites essentially provide the infrastructure to connect babysitters with the families who need their services.

I also like your advice about letting your personal network know you are available for babysitting gigs. Word-of-mouth referrals from friends, neighbors and families you may already know can be a great way to find babysitting jobs, especially early on before you build a bigger online profile. Providing excellent care is key to getting repeat clients and more referrals through this method.

For someone looking to earn $50 fast on top of any other job or commitments they have, babysitting can be the perfect flexible side gig. The hours are very flexible, the pay can be quite good, and it provides an opportunity to work with kids which many people enjoy.

Do you have any other tips or insights to share about being a successful babysitter? Things like setting competitive rates, what to bring/prepare for a sitting job, or how to really go above and beyond for the families? Any advice from firsthand experience would be valuable to share.

7. Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager is an excellent way to monetize your significant time spent on various social platforms. If you’re highly familiar with how sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X), Pinterest etc. work, why not leverage that knowledge to help businesses with their social media marketing?

Companies today understand the massive importance and business value of having an effective social media presence. A strong social strategy can drive brand visibility, credibility, customer engagement and even directly impact sales if done well. However, many businesses don’t have the bandwidth or expertise in-house to consistently create great social content and know the optimal times/ways to post across platforms.

This is where social media managers come in. As you mentioned, as a social media manager you essentially run the social accounts for a business or individual. You develop and execute a posting strategy aligned with their marketing objectives, create compelling content, interact with their audience, analyze performance metrics and more.

With your personal experience as an active user across multiple social sites, you likely already understand the nuances and best practices for each platform in a way that gives you a leg up. I can see how this could be an appealing way for teens or others to start earning income relatively quickly leveraging skills they’ve built organically.

The income potential you noted, like $4,000 per month or more for experienced managers, is really impressive and shows there is serious money to be made in this field as you gain more expertise. Do you have any other tips for getting started as a social media manager and standing out to prospective clients? I’m curious to hear more about strategically building this as a lucrative income stream.

8. Online Paid Survey

Online paid surveys can be an easy, low-effort way to earn a bit of extra cash in your spare time. While it may not lead to making $50 instantly, it can steadily accumulate earnings over time.

The key advantages of paid online surveys are:

  • Extremely low barrier to entry – anyone can sign up on platforms like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, InboxDollars etc.
  • You get paid simply for sharing your opinions and feedback as a consumer
  • Can be done whenever is convenient for you on your own schedule
  • Potential to accumulate a nice supplemental income stream over time

Major brands and companies pay market research firms to gain insights into consumer preferences, opinions on products/services and more. Offering incentives for people to complete surveys is an easy way for these companies to gather valuable data.

While the earnings per individual survey may be relatively small, they can definitely add up, especially if using multiple legitimate paid survey sites. You realistically may not make $50 instantly, but it provides a nice runway for earning that incrementally.

I’m curious if you have had any experiences personally with any of the major paid survey platforms? Any strategies for being identified for the highest paying surveys, or tips on avoiding any potential low-quality/illegitimate ones? Sharing more insights from actually doing paid surveys consistently could be helpful for others looking into this as an income stream.

Overall it seems like a reasonable way to earn a bit of extra cash without a huge time/effort investment. Not a huge moneymaker, but could supplement other income streams nicely.

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9. Tutoring and online Coaching

Tutoring or coaching online is an excellent suggestion for monetizing your skills and expertise in a particular subject or domain. We all have areas where we excel, and sharing that knowledge by teaching others can be an extremely rewarding way to earn money.

There are a few big advantages to online tutoring that make it an appealing income opportunity:

  1. You can leverage expertise you already possess in academics, music, life skills, etc. to provide value.
  2. Major platforms like WyzAnt, Chegg Tutors, and TutorMe make it easy to get connected with students seeking your specific type of tutoring.
  3. Extremely flexible scheduling – you can tutor around your existing job or commitments.
  4. Rewarding to help others learn and make progress in areas they’re struggling with.
  5. Potential to earn a very good hourly rate depending on your expertise level.

The demand is high across all types of subjects and skill areas. Students of all ages need tutoring help, but there’s also demand for things like music lessons, language learning, career coaching, and so much more.

Have you had any experience yourself as an online tutor or coach? If so, I’d be really interested to hear any tips you have for successfully marketing your tutoring services, filling your schedule, keeping students engaged remotely, and ensuring you provide an excellent quality experience. Building a positive reputation is so important for getting repeat students and word-of-mouth referrals.

Overall, it does seem like a fantastic way to convert your personal skills and knowledge into a very flexible and gratifying income stream. A great option for anyone looking to earn $50 or much more by sharing what they’re great at!

10. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Pet sitting and dog walking through apps like Rover and Wag is a wonderful idea for animal lovers looking to make some extra money. Getting paid to spend time with pets is about as enjoyable as jobs get!

The convenience factor of using those platforms is a huge advantage. You can easily sign up, create a profile highlighting your pet care experience/capabilities, and get connected with local owners needing pet sitters or dog walkers. No commute required since you’re working right in your own community.

The income potential is also quite lucrative if you can build up a solid base of regular clients. While making $50 immediately may be a stretch depending on the app’s payout policies, earning $1,000 or more per month is definitely achievable as you book more recurring gigs. Getting formal pet care certification could also help boost earnings.

By using word-of-mouth and your existing local connections, you could line up a steady stream of pet sitting/dog walking jobs without even going through an app. Especially convenient if you live in a tight-knit community.

Have you worked as a pet sitter or dog walker yourself previously? If so, I’d love to hear any other tips about things like:

  • Best practices for initial meetups with owners/pets
  • Ensuring you provide a secure, safe experience
  • How to build lasting relationships with repeat clients
  • What to charge for different services

Getting first-hand insights could be really valuable for anyone considering getting into this fun income stream. It really does seem like a wonderful option for pet lovers looking to earn some money!

Tips and Tricks for Making $50 Fast

Diversifying Income Streams

Value of having multiple income sources and not relying on just one job or gig. By diversifying how you earn money through a combination of different side hustles, freelance work, gig jobs etc., you give yourself so many more pathways to reach financial goals like making an extra $50. With multiple streams working together, hitting that target becomes much more attainable in a shorter timeframe. Great advice.

Continuous Decluttering

The suggestion to regularly declutter and sell unwanted items is a fantastic hack. We all tend to accumulate so much stuff in our homes that we don’t need. But those belongings can translate into cash flow through yard sales, online marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, etc. Not only does decluttering allow you to earn money, but like you said, it also helps create a more organized, tidy living space. A win-win indeed.

Tapping Digital Skills

Tech-based skills are incredibly valuable and sought after. If you have any expertise with things like web design, digital marketing, coding, graphic design, video editing etc., you can capitalize on those in-demand skills as an additional income stream. And if not, it’s wise to invest time into building proficiency in a marketable digital skillset. The opportunities there are quite lucrative.

This is all such fantastic, actionable advice for proactively setting yourself up with diversified income flows to quickly make $50 or much more anytime the need arises. Having multiple irons in the fire through different gigs and hustles, continuously evaluating your possessions for selling potential, and leaning into modern digital skills are all such smart strategies. Really appreciative of you sharing these helpful pro tips!

F.A.Q About Best Ways To Make $50 Fast

How can I earn $100 dollars a day?

There are various avenues to achieve a daily income of $100. The primary sources include gig work and small businesses.

Gig work, such as food delivery, ride-sharing, or freelance tasks on online platforms, offers straightforward ways to reach the $100 daily mark, especially if you possess prior experience in these fields. However, while gig work is relatively easy to start, determination is key to consistently meeting the $100 goal.

Alternatively, consider launching a small online business, such as affiliate marketing or e-commerce. Although not as straightforward as gig work, with dedicated effort, surpassing the $100 daily target is achievable.

How can I make $1,500 a month from home?

Consistently earning $50 per day can easily translate into a monthly income of $1,500 from the comfort of your home.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to reaching $1,500 monthly. Numerous options are available to pursue this goal. Becoming a freelance writer, online tutor, or social media manager allows you to work remotely and achieve your income target without leaving your home. Diversifying income sources can expedite reaching this goal. For example, alongside gig work, engaging in freelance writing provides additional streams of income, ensuring financial stability.

Additionally, consider selling preloved or handmade items to supplement your earnings. This multifaceted approach ensures a steady income flow and financial security.

What are some tips for managing multiple income streams effectively?

Managing multiple income streams requires careful organization and prioritization. Establish a schedule that allocates specific time slots for each income-generating activity. Utilize productivity tools and apps to streamline tasks and track progress across various ventures. Additionally, maintain clear financial records and regularly assess the profitability of each income stream to identify areas for optimization. Effective time management and strategic planning are essential for successfully managing multiple income sources.

How can I enhance my skills to increase my earning potential?

Investing in skill development is crucial for expanding earning potential. Identify areas where you can improve or acquire new skills relevant to your desired income streams. Explore online courses, workshops, and professional certifications to enhance your expertise. Networking with industry professionals and seeking mentorship can provide valuable insights and opportunities for growth. Continuously adapting and evolving your skill set ensures competitiveness in dynamic markets, ultimately leading to higher earning potential.

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